Fergus O’Brien

Fergus O’Brien

Company: Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water

Job title: Environment and strategy manager


After studying mechanical engineering and mathematics at Trinity College Dublin and two years research Salford University Fergus joined Yorkshire Water in 1988. He worked in a wide variety of roles for the next 14 years covering operational management, strategy and business change. He then spent three years with Atkins working on outsourcing, business planning and providing regulatory support. In 2005 Fergus joined Imtech to work on Welsh Water’s capital delivery framework before joining them in 2011. Since then he has been involved in general coastal compliance issues including the recent Loughor infraction case, the transition to the new bathing water directive, developing the Welsh Water’s long term sustainable drainage strategy (RainScape), operational strategies and business planning. Recently he has taken over as Wastewater and Environment Services Manager responsible for managing long term planning, modelling, permitting and environmental policy. Fergus has also been a member of CIWEM’s Climate Change Network Steering Group since 2016.



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day: 27 January 2020

Panel discussion, questions and answers: how to get FOG and microplastics out of the wastewater system 10:35 am

Improving customer education to reduce FOG and microplastic pollution Why innovation with bio-augmentation of FOG is proving beneficial to the industry What can the industry do to reduce plastic waste in the water system? The importance of working with government and local authorities to tackle FOG and microplastics Speakers to be joined by:Read more

day: 28 January 2020
stream: Infrastructure & Networks