Ana Soares

Ana Soares

Company: Cranfield University

Job title: Professor


Ana Soares is a Professor of Biotechnology Engineering, and she leads the Green Technologies Grand Challenge at Cranfield University.

Her research focuses in municipal as well as industrial wastewater management, proposing innovative and economically feasible solutions to produce high quality effluents and product recovery. She is particularly successful in bridging the gap between science and application, working in close collaboration with industrial partners. Prof Soares in an IWA Fellow, active member of various national and international committees and the editor in chief of the Water and Environment Journal.



Household level green technologies to help alleviate the need for hard engineering solution 1:35 pm

Discover how individual households can contribute to better managing wastewater assets and dealing with heavy rainfall. How can companies engage with their consumers to protect and increase resilience of wastewater networks and infrastructure?  Read more

day: 25 January 2022
stream: Infrastructure & Networks