25 January 2022

8:45 am

Virtual platform and networking opens

9:15 am

Welcome from the chair 


9:20 am


9:20 am

Forward planning for PR24 and AMP8

Gain insight into the priorities and ambitions for wastewater treatment over the next 25 years and how it will be incentivised in the short-term future.  


  • Dr Toby Willison

    Dr Toby Willison
    Director of environment and corporate affairs - Southern Water

9:40 am

Prioritising transformational innovation through industry collaboration

Providing an update on UKWIR’s role in enabling research and innovation in the UK’s water sector. Bringing the sector together through collaboration to deliver transformational solutions to customers.


10:00 am

Developing a robust environmental policy to drive resilience and longevity of wastewater treatment

Delving into strategic plans to help drive climate resilience, net-zero and a circular economy in wastewater treatment. Gain insight into the key areas WASCs are prioritising to improve wastewater treatment and future proof their business.  


  • Jo Harrison

    Jo Harrison
    Director of environment, planning and innovation - United Utilities

10:20 am

Question and answers session

10:40 am

Networking and refreshments break

Meet your peers in our roulette-style networking session or visit the virtual insight booths

11:00 am


11:00 am

Case study: Treating sludge using anaerobic digestion

Exploring the advantages of anaerobic digestion for treating sludge and recycling waste product. 


11:20 am

Unlocking greater value through a national Bioresources strategy

Explaining the key challenges currently facing Bioresources and calling for a National Bioresources Strategy.


11:40 am

Achieving phosphorus targets through a nature-based solution

Explaining why chemicals are not risk free and how to deliver an environmental, socially responsible, and future proof approach to p-removal. Discover how a natural process can meet increasingly strict phosphorus standards and be a vital tool to win the race to net zero. 


12:00 pm

Question & answer session

12:10 pm

Networking break

12:30 pm

Lunch break

1:00 pm


1:00 pm

Decarbonising secondary wastewater treatment

Outlining key findings from R2IC to help decarbonise the way the industry treats wastewater. How is public perception changing the importance of wastewater treatment? How can catchment solutions help reduce volumes and carbon intensity? How can these schemes be funded and maintained? 


1:15 pm

Journey to wastewater treatment achieving carbon net zero by 2040

Explaining Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water’s plan to reduce carbon in wastewater treatment. Discover the transformations being prioritised to reach carbon net zero in the next 20 years.  


1:30 pm

Driving change by opting for natural solutions

Outlining the ‘One Planet Choices’ approach to look for solutions to wastewater and wastewater treatment in the environment


  • Karen Dee

    Karen Dee
    Wastewater service strategy general manager - Scottish Water

  • Jennifer Leonard

    Jennifer Leonard
    Water industry strategic planning manager

1:45 pm

Question & answer session

1:55 pm

Roundtable Breakouts

Join your peers for a round table discussion outlining your approaches to reducing environmental impacts

1:55 pm

Breakout 1: Hosted by Xylem

A catchment-based approach to reducing discharges at CSO’s and storm overflows on Wastewater Treatment plants.

As we optimise sewerage capacity to reduce overflows, how do we utilise capacity and safeguard compliance at the receiving treatment plant, while improving on P removal and reducing emissions?


  • Dr Oliver Puckering

    Dr Oliver Puckering
    Principal process engineers – solutions (supply & waste) - Xylem Water Solutions

  • David Kirkham

    David Kirkham
    Head of wastewater - Xylem Water Solutions

1:55 pm

Breakout 2: hosted by I-Phyc

2:40 pm

Networking and refreshments break

Meet your peers in our roulette-style networking session or visit the virtual insight booths

3:00 pm


3:00 pm

English bathing debate: Fad or future?

Collaborating to respond to growing trends and public opinion to improve the health of UK rivers and its surrounding environment for people and wildlife. How has the strategic partnership helped overcome and combat growing concerns over the cleanliness of rivers? What key steps are you taking to improve the quality of water in rivers?


3:20 pm

Using wastewater for epidemiology: its role in Covid 19

Explaining how academia, the government and wastewater companies united to establish a wastewater monitoring programme during a critical public health emergency.  


3:45 pm

Question and answer session

3:55 pm

Closing remarks from the chair

4:00 pm

End of Wastewater 2022