28 January 2020 | Birmingham

2020's event will bring you the largest single-day wastewater event running three streams in parallel.

What was new for 2019?

New content streams

Because the industry doesn't sit still, and neither should we...

  • Infrastructure – take a deep dive into new-build infrastructure projects and how they're being developed
  • Networks - how will you optimise the existing system to meet a growing demand at an affordable price?
  • Bioresources – understand the growing opportunities within the bioresources market
International speakers
New formats

Attend to:


  • Identify commercial opportunities in the opening UK sludge market
  • Gain insight from Ofwat into how PR19 will drive your future business policies
  • Discover innovative new technologies transforming wastewater processes
  • Uncover how overseas success projects can be applied to the UK landscape
  • Understand how you can engage with customers to reduce FOG

Who attended in 2019...

We bring the UK's wastewater industry together

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2019's expert speakers included...

Trevor Bishop 150 x 150

Trevor Bishop
Director strategy and planning

George Taylor 150 x 150

George Taylor
Director of wastewater
Wessex Water

Richard 150 150

Richard Warneford
Wastewater director
Northumbrian Water

Ruth Barden 150 x 150

Ruth Barden
Director of environmental strategy
Wessex Water

Yvonne 150 x 150

Yvonne Mwende Lefler
Principal civil engineer 
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

Ben Roche WWT Wastewater 2019 speaker

Ben Roche
Head of energy and recycling
Yorkshire Water


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