AECOM is built to deliver a better world. It designs, builds, finances and operates assets for governments, businesses and organisations in more than 150 countries. Its work is transformative, differentiated and vital. AECOM works across the entire water cycle, from delivering high-performance infrastructure and treatment processes to developing resilient communities and environments. The challenges facing the water industry and the communities it serves grow ever more complex. By thinking beyond purely financial considerations and making use of natural, social and human capital in investment decision making, it optimises value for all stakeholders and enables water companies to deliver sustainable services for the long run.

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The Mott MacDonald Water team is made up of more than 1,200 staff operating across all sectors of the industry and for all types of clients. Our capabilities include water regulatory advisory services, the investigation and development of water resources, the assessment of water needs and implementation of appropriate supplies, and the treatability and disposal of wastewater. From investment planning to operational support, and design to capacity building we support private investors and PLCs, as well as regulators, national and local governments. But more than that, our knowledge of the environmental impacts of water developments means that we undertake projects in a way that will improve quality of life for beneficiaries whilst limiting the damage to natural ecosystems.  We believe that sustainable water resources planning sits between the policy/governance framework and the actual implementation in the form of water infrastructure for irrigation, water supply and flood defence. It is as much about the allocation of limited financial resources as about managing scarce water resources.  Our delivery approach is based on collaboration, both through the use of technology and between organisations. We are a key member of the ICE Project 13 Infrastructure Client Group, which pushes the collaboration bar higher and focuses on effective joint working to deliver high-performing infrastructure projects. Mott MacDonald UK has ISO 44001 certification, demonstrating that we truly understand how to get the best out of business relationships through sharing resources, opportunities, and successes, which includes the benefits of increased efficiency, risk reduction, improved outcomes, and better working environments for people.

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Based at the UK's Harwell Space Cluster in Oxfordshire, Rezatec aggregates, integrates and processes large amounts of Earth Observation data from satellite, airborne and ground instruments to derive unique geospatial analytics that delivers substantial cost reduction or revenue enhancement payback for users in the agriculture, forestry, and water sectors. Rezatec Data Products provide organisations with the ability to map, measure and monitor land use change and environmental risk to deliver substantial cost reduction or revenue enhancement payment.

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