For over 25 years GreenBlue Urban has drastically improved urban planting success and increased leaf canopy across the world. Supported by their mission to enable sustainable cities through green and blue infrastructure, they began a programme to analyse the challenges, causes of failure and reasons for premature mortality in urban trees. ArborFlow GreenBlue’s sustainable urban drainage system – has been developed as an effective and environmentally robust means of managing surface water run-off. Ideal for use in urban areas where space is at a premium. Assisted by an in house technical advisory team, the latest technologies in design and manufacture, training, partnership research agreements and established values, GreenBlue Urban have achieved their vision to be the world’s best tree pit solution provider.

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Innovyze empowers water professionals around the world to create, manage, and maintain water services. We are the global leader in water infrastructure data analytics solutions, providing enduring support for customer success. Our sustainable drainage design solutions give you the confidence that your designs can handle different rainfall events successfully, without harming the environment. Innovyze’s drainage design solutions have helped pioneer the take up of sustainable drainage by providing the accurate hydraulic modelling and storage calculations needed to ensure success.

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Jacopa recently reached a landmark agreement with Steinhardt as the sole agent for its networks and treatment control, protection and maintenance products. Together with Jacopa's unrivalled experience in designing and creating Sustainable Drainage Systems the company is able to deliver cost-effective solutions to control surface rainfall run-off, relieving pressure on sewerage systems and enabling local authorities, planners, architects and developers to deliver a greener infrastructure. Jacopa’s portfolio also includes many of the most respected wastewater treatment brands including Copa, Aquator, Tomkinson, Jones + Attwood and MBR Technology. Jacopa also holds UK and Ireland licences for the renowned Brackett Green and Bosker brands and has an exclusive agreement for the supply of Fluidyne cloth filters which are recognised internationally as an ideal solution for phosphorus removal in wastewater treatment works with a trial unit available to evaluate the technology. A further addition to the company’s portfolio is the well established Sobye self-cleaning belt filter which provides an automatic, compact solution for primary treatment to replace settlement tanks.

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Wavin UK is a member of the Wavin Group - the world leader in plastic pipe systems for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Wavin is a recognised market leading manufacturer in stormwater solutions, and the expertise we have gained through 15 years of innovation in infiltration and attenuation units worldwide has been embedded into every aspect of Q-Bic Plus. Uniquely engineered to combine performance with ease of access and installation as well as being SfA8 compliant, Q-Bic Plus is everything everybody in the stormwater management chain is looking for from an effective SuDS solution.

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