Thomani Manungufala

Thomani Manungufala

Company: Parliament of the Republic of South Africa

Job title: Specialist Researcher: Water and Sanitation


Thomani is an environmental scientist specialising in water resources management and governance. He is researcher, published author and a thought leader in among others, ecological rehabilitation, mine water management and regulation, water stewardship, wastewater treatment and management, climate change and sustainable development. Currently works as a researcher at the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa and a PhD candidate at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. Before this, he worked as an environmental sustainability consultant in the private sector conducting environmental impact assessments and management, and specialist studies for various types of projects including mining. He is currently. His current research interests include equitable, just and sustainable water future in the global south.


South African Water legislation: a blueprint for water stewardship in mining 2:20 pm

How legislation can promote water stewardship with respect to mining activitiesRead more

day: 12 May 2021