Jessica Theriault

Jessica Theriault

Company: The Mosaic Company

Job title: Director of Regulatory Affairs


Jessica Theriault is the Director of Regulatory Affairs for the Mosaic Company and holds an environmental engineering degree and MBA from the University of Regina. Jessica has over 20 years of environmental experience in the potash mining industry in Saskatchewan and currently oversees the coordination and management of environmental regulatory relations for the Mosaic Potash Business Unit, as well as leadership in the development of the Mosaic Potash Business Unit Sustainability Program. In her current role Jessica also actively represents Mosaic on a number of industry associations including the Saskatchewan Mining Association, Saskatchewan Potash Producers Association, Fertilizer Canada, as well as the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce.


Reporting, transparency and decision-making 4:35 pm

Building integrative water stewardship practices and decision-making Managing increasing reporting demands and requirements Transparency and accountability in reportingRead more

day: 13 May 2021