Claire Cote

Claire Cote

Company: The University of Queensland

Job title: Director, Centre for Water in the Minerals Industry


Claire is a recognised international expert in environmental management for the mining sector, who has applied her academic and technical knowledge to achieve a step change in some aspects of the industry’s environmental performance.
Claire has held several positions in the areas of research and consulting. She has worked with mining companies in Australia, Africa, Chile and Canada to address issues related to environmental management and sustainable development and gained extensive experience in the mining sector at Anglo American from 2011 to 2018, where she provided technical expertise on all topics related to environmental and water management, in Australia and Canada.
In her current role as Director of the Centre for Water in the Minerals Industry at SMI, she seeks to promote environmental excellence throughout the mining cycle, based on capacity building and targeted research programs on water and environmental management, closure planning and beneficial post mining land uses.


Establishing an international research network for the global coordination of mine site climate change adaptation strategies 1:50 pm

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day: 13 May 2021