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Alexis Morgan

Global Water Stewardship Lead


What can we expect to learn from your contribution at Water in Mining 2020?

WWF will be presenting the results of a global water risk assessment for the mining sector offering insights into water risk by commodity and highlighting key clusters that present opportunities for pre-competitive collaboration.

What do you see as the impending challenges for water and environmental professionals in the mining industry? 

The mining industry will continue to see growing extreme weather events – flooding, droughts, and so forth. As these occur, it will not only place additional strain on infrastructure, such as tailings dams, but also put additional pressure on communities, leading to potential conflicts that come with these events.

Which industry innovations are you most excited about at the moment?

I’m most excited about the shift in mentality that we’re seeing in the sector: from seeing water as a risk, to seeing water as a potential solution and even a source of opportunity. Sometimes mental innovations are even more critical then technological ones!

Why would you recommend the event to colleagues?

There are few events that focus specifically on water and mining, and that include differing perspectives from corporate to NGO, technological to management and the Water & Mining event covers a diversity of takes making it worthwhile to attend.