Water challenges are increasing globally, and the mining industry plays a key role in protecting water resources and driving the sustainability agenda. As a water-dependent sector, it is well placed to support solutions, drive collaboration, and demonstrate leadership through water stewardship.

Challenges remain such as enhancing climate resilience, reinforcing stakeholder confidence, and mitigating community impacts, all of which require an aligned strategy and effective communication.

The inaugural Water Stewardship in Mining 2021 event will unite mining companies, government, regulators, NGOs and solution providers at this critical time, to build paths and blueprints to water stewardship, address climate change, drive innovative technological solutions, build legitimacy and trust, and create meaningful partnerships. Attend to find out how to align stewardship thinking across your organization, take a successful catchment approach to water management, and deliver sustainability leadership in your sector.

I look forward to an informative 2 days online with you in May.

Emma Jackson
Conference production manager
Water Stewardship in Mining 2021

"It’s a great opportunity to know where we are as a water management world community, providing a forum to feed ideas and improve our operation’s sustainability and stewardship" Operations General Supervisor, Barrick Gold

"A wonderful gathering of passionate water professionals in the mining industry with the collective goal of bettering the industry and all of our stakeholders" VP, Business Development, E2metrix Inc.

The conference brings together a large number of mining experts who share their experience and knowledge. Allowing us to interact together to identify the best practices in the management of the most precious resources: water. Hydrology coordinator, Mexican Institute of Water Technology

"Great event for integrating across the industry on common challenges, approaches to addressing those challenges, and solutions" Manager water planning, Tech Resources