Concrete structures at waste water treatment plants face a variety of operational and environmental demands. BASF has a range of products developed to meet the demands of waste water applications. Chemical resistance is a major factor in combating biogenic sulphuric acid attack, combined with resistance to the effects of fatty acids for long-term durability. Rapid setting concrete repair mortars compliant to EN 1504 part 3 ensure repairs can be overcoated with minimal delay, using a range of hand and spray applied polyurethane and polyurea systems to offer long-term chemical resistance.

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GUTERMANN specialise in the design, manufacturing and distribution of water leak detection equipment. Constantly focussing on innovation, and often at the forefront of new product developments, we are always pushing the boundaries of water leak management technology. Thanks to our tireless commitment to product quality, functionality and user-friendliness, GUTERMANN has become a synonym for precision, consistency and reliability in leak detection technology worldwide.

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The NIVUS group is a German-based leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of measurement instruments for water industry. Also the manufacturer offers control center and telecontrol technology since many years. Today NIVUS offers today consistent automation technology and software as well as a cloud platform. Since 1967 the company has been pointing the way ahead by setting new standards and by continuously developing high quality products and solutions. The company head office is located in Eppingen/Germany. With 9 international subsidiaries and more than 40 distributing partners worldwide the company acts on a global base.

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Advanced Energy Monitoring Systems (AEMS)Ltd now a part of Secure Meters (UK)Ltd provides equipment and consultancy services for those wishing to monitor plant and processes that fall under the EED (Energy Efficiency Directive) of the EU; already passed into UK Law as the ESOS (Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme). Secure Meters (UK)Ltd equipment, Censeo, based on patented thermodynamic/conventional technology, can monitor pumps, blowers and turbines and can be provided in both portable and fixed formats for audits and to identify energy savings. Software to report on pump/blower efficiency and condition performance in real time is available.

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Water is essential for survival and we are tackling one of the biggest issues with it. Water Quality. Our mission is to help improve water quality around the globe by providing an easy, accurate and reliable method of monitoring water quality and pinpointing where any issues are coming from. WATR Enables providers to initiate immediate action as soon as a problem is detected. Current monitoring solutions involve expensive equipment and/or lab tests, unreliable readings and huge costs. WATR is an affordable solution that can be rolled out at any scale to provide instant feedback of issues with water quality, as well as historical analytics to track trends in the collected data.

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Wessex Water is a regional water and sewerage business serving 2.8 million customers across the south west of England. The Wessex Water Marketplace, launched in April 2019, is a platform used to share challenges the company is facing, with relevant data, in an open question rather than asking for a price for a pre-determined solution. Challenging the norm and increasing collaboration are essential to meet the cost and performance challenges of AMP7. Nine challenges have been published to date, and over 100 companies have been involved. Sign up to the mailing list to hear all about the latest challenges.

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