Ahead of WWT Smart Water 2020, we asked Dragan Savic, Chied executive officer from KWR Water Research Institute a few questions, here's what he said...

Q. You are speaking at WWT’s Smart Water 2020, what can the audience expect to learn from your contribution?
The talk will provide a global overview of the progress on digitalisation of the water sector and developments in smart technologies. I will also talk about the activities associated with the International Water Association (IWA) Digital Water Programme and the examples of the road to digitalisation taken by some of the international water utilities.

Q. What are the main challenges that the water industry is facing right now and how do you think that smart technology can solve them?
One of the key challenges is how the industry can provide sustainable water and wastewater services to urban populations of the future considering global uncertainties including climate change, population movements and rapid urbanisation.

Q. Which smart technology industry innovations are you most excited about at the moment?
Everybody is talking about Artificial Intelligence and the potential to transform the water industry, but any technology that will bring together data from various industry silos and utilise them to break the barriers and make more informed decisions would get my vote.

Q. Where do you see there being the most progression in the industry in the next AMP cycle?
I believe that the integration of the industry’s real-time or near-real-time data with external data sources (e.g., weather forecast, traffic data, etc) and their use within models – traditional, digital twins and machine learning models – will provide the efficiency required to achieve the performance by the industry required by the regulator and customers.

Q. Why would you recommend the event to colleagues? Why do you think it’s an important meeting?
The exchange of information among the innovators in water companies and supply chain organisations is the key to accelerating the process of digital transformation in the water industry.