Ahead of WWT Smart Water 2020, we asked David Elliott, Chief innovation officer at Wessex Water a few questions, here's what he said...

Q. What are the main challenges that the water industry is facing right now and how do you think that smart technology can solve them?

  • Tough performance commitments
  • Tough price settlement
  • Challenge of transparency with customers/regulators

Q. Which smart technology industry innovations are you most excited about at the moment?

  • Business model innovations – water as a system
  • Analytics

Q. Where do you see there being the most progression in the industry in the next AMP cycle?

  • Challenges of leakage and pollutions
  • Better water system information
  • Smarter regulation

Q. Why would you recommend the event to colleagues? Why do you think it’s an important meeting?

An often quoted Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result….  After 30 years of a privatized water industry that has largely followed the same business model, the challenges we face have shifted significantly.  More of the same won’t cut it.  The sector needs to look very different over the next 30 years, and we need to get smart about how we get there.