Simon Parsons

Simon Parsons

Simon Parsons

Company: Scottish Water

Job title: Director of strategic customer service planning


Having joined Scottish Water in April 2012 as chief scientist, Simon is now director of strategic customer service planning, leading teams in regulation, water and waste water services, strategic review, science and innovation. It’s Simon’s responsibility to ensure customer needs and expectations are built into the company’s strategies and plans for the future, ensuring it continues to deliver the very best service for all. Before joining Scottish Water Simon spent 17 years working in academia and research. With a passion for protecting public health, Simon wants Scottish Water to make sure the highest standards are maintained and to protect Scotland’s precious environment. These are exciting times for Scottish Water as it works towards becoming even more resilient and Simon is proud to be at the heart of the innovative work the company is doing across Scotland.  Simon has a BSc and PhD in chemistry from Leicester University, is a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and sits on the board of UK Water Industry Research (UKWIR). He holds a visiting chair at Cranfield University and was awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry’s prestigious Sustainable Water Award for 2014 for advancing the understanding of natural organic matter in water treatment and for the development of treatment processes to improve water quality and sustainability.


Increasing the reliability, resilience and sustainability of water & wastewater services 11:20 am

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day: 5 October 2018