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Based in County Down, Northern Ireland, Advantage Control is one of the island’s foremost providers of electric motors, variable speed drives, technical support/consultancy solutions and aftercare packages to industry and commerce.

Since inception the company has developed a client base of more than 200 customers. Trading on the reputation of both directors, the company successfully secured high-profile distribution agencies for leading brands such as the market leader in drive technology – ABB and TT Electric.

The company has developed a strong position as one of the leaders in the marketplace with the breadth of its product and service offer, the strength of in-house expertise and knowledge, long-standing relationships with customers, the reputation of key personnel and the innovativeness of energy saving solutions.

In essence, there are several key elements which strengthen the business proposition, and allow Advantage Control to differentiate itself against its direct competitors:

  • Understanding its clients’ needs
  • Customer-focused execution and delivery
  • Professionalism and expertise
  • Integrity and reputation
  • Adaptability and Responsiveness
  • Ethics
  • Innovation and future-proofing

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Aerzen is a framework supplier of roots type blowers and screw compressors for water and wastewater applications to UK and Ireland, with extensive experience in aeration, RGF filter scour and digester/landfill gas positive displacement. Its oil-free machines are PED-rated, WIMES-compliant and can be ATEX-certified. Package machines are delivered in acoustic enclosures with intake filter, outlet silencer, drive assembly and monitoring gauges. All items are specifiable to ensure tailored solutions regarding low noise levels or paint specifications. With various UK-based site servicing, a full repair and overhaul capability, rental and replacement options are also available.

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Amiblu is a 50:50 joint venture whose goal is to develop and deliver world-class GRP pipes and fittings to sustainably solve the world’s water and sewer challenges. Amiblu combines Amiantit Europe and its Flowtite Technology, and Hobas Europe, part of WIG Wietersdorfer Holding, and is the specialist in drinking water, irrigation, storm- and wastewater, hydropower and industry. The two businesses have distinct expertise that complement each other perfectly. Hobas is a leader in ‘centrifugally cast’ pipe systems, and Flowtite in ‘continuous filament wound’ pipe systems. Amiblu’s headquarters is in Klagenfurt, Austria, and the company has production facilities in Germany, Spain, Poland and Romania. It has a R&D centre in Norway and employs around 1,500 people.

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Concrete Canvas Ltd (CC) manufactures 3 award winning products, Concrete Canvas® Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat (GCCM) the revolutionary, CC Hydro™ Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Barrier (GCCB) and Concrete Canvas Shelters (CCS). All products are manufactured at the company’s HQ in South Wales, where it exports to 80+ countries. Concrete Canvas® has gained market acceptance in the civil engineering sector as a cost-effective alternative to conventional concrete in a wide range of applications, from channel lining to slope protection. Some of our customers include Scottish Water, Anglian Water, Severn Trent Water, South West Water, the Environment Agency, Mott MacDonald and Costain. CC is a flexible cement impregnated fabric that hardens on hydration to form a thin, durable, water proof and fire proof concrete layer, allowing concrete to be used in a completely new way. There is no need for mixing or measuring; the concrete is premixed and cannot be over hydrated and will set underwater and in sea water. CC is a low mass, low carbon geo-textile technology which uses up to 95% less material than conventional concrete for many applications. It is chemically resistant, has good weathering performance and will not degrade in UV light, with a design life of over 50 years.

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EJ designs and manufactures an extensive range of access solutions in ductile iron, galvanised steel, and composite in its world-class production facilities, certified to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 management systems. Its products are used on water, sewer, drainage, telecommunications and utility networks worldwide. In the procurement process the selection of manhole covers and drainage gratings is hugely significant. It is important to remember that for these safety critical products there is a responsibility to ensure the product is fit for purpose and to minimise the risk to public safety. Contact EJ on 00353 579123100 for its Guide to the Correct Selection of Access covers and Gratings.

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ESRI Ireland’s business is built on the belief that knowing where things happen matters. Esri Ireland specialises in the application of geographic information systems (GIS), helping customers record where things happen and analyse why, providing insight to enable better decisions. It does this using ArcGIS, the world’s most powerful mapping and spatial analytics software. Esri’s ArcGIS technology can help answer questions and solve problems by looking at your data in a way that is quickly understood and easily shared—on a map! With ArcGIS you get a set of maps, apps and services that support the needs of water utilities and its contractors. Northern Ireland Water, Irish Water and many of their contractors are using the ArcGIS platform to support their day to day operations.

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EXPO-NET Danmark A/s is a leading manufacturer of plastic wastewater filter media. Our Danish manufacturing base has over 50 years of manufacturing experience backed by engineering, design and technical expertise.  Our patented BIO-BLOK® product range is recognised worldwide for use in the biological treatment of wastewater. BIO-BLOK® is widely used across a broad spectrum of applications including aerobic, submerged filters, trickling filters, anaerobic  filters and biological lamella sedimentation. The unique structure of BIO-BLOK® with its rough surface and cylindrical shape maximises accessible surface area, offering an extremely efficient, stable and reliable media, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. In Ireland we work in conjunction with strategic partners  - Viltra Wastewater Technology and AL-2 Teknik (UK) Ltd. who specialise in providing advanced wastewater treatment solutions. To learn more about our products and services, discuss specific projects or to arrange a site visit please visit our stand.

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Wastewater solutions and services specialist Jacopa incorporates many of the UK’s best known, best respected and most reliable wastewater treatment brands: Copa, Aquator, Tomkinson, Jones + Attwood and MBR Technology. The company also holds UK and Ireland licences for the renowned Brackett Green and Bosker brands and recently reached a landmark agreement with German water technology systems expert Steinhardt as the sole agent for its wide range of flood and process protection products in the UK and Ireland.
The company also holds an agreement for Fluidyne Cloth filters which are recognised internationally as an ideal solution for phosphorus removal in wastewater treatment works and Jacopa is now making a trial unit available to water companies and others who wish to evaluate the technology. A further addition to the company’s portfolio is the well established Sobye self-cleaning belt filter, which provides an automatic, compact solution for primary treatment to replace settlement tanks. Jacopa’s highly regarded Newry office is proud of its long and successful working relationship with Northern Ireland Water and the utility’s consultants and contractors.

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REDAWN: Reducing Energy Dependency in Atlantic Area Water Networks
The water industry is the 4th most energy intensive sector in the Atlantic area, responsible for significant contributions to climate change and reductions in competitiveness. REDAWN aims to improve the energy efficiency of water networks through the installation of innovative micro-hydropower (MHP) technology. This technology will recover wasted energy in existing pipe networks across irrigation, public water supply, process industry, and waste-water network settings. This 3-year research project brings together 15 partners from around the Atlantic Coast and is co-financed by the European  Regional  Development  Fund  through the Interreg Atlantic Area Programme.

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