Michelle Minihan

Michelle Minihan

Company: Environment Protection Agency

Job title: Senior inspector, drinking water team


Michelle is the senior inspector for the drinking water team in the Environmental Protection Agency in the Republic of Ireland. After completing her PhD at the University of Limerick, Michelle joined Intel Ireland before moving to Teagasc and then the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, where she worked for 10 years in a variety of roles. As an FSAI audit and investigations manager, she was responsible for audits of food businesses and official agencies involved in the enforcement of food law, as well as investigations into food fraud cases. Michelle also worked on the food incidents on microbiological and chemical contamination of food and ensuring it was removed from sale or recalled from consumers. Michelle is a chemist, with a background in physical and analytical chemistry and joined the EPA in April 2018, where she leads the drinking water team within the Office of Environmental Enforcement and has responsibility for ensuring the quality of drinking water delivered through the public supply in the Republic of Ireland meets legislative requirements.


Meeting the requirements of drinking water safety plans 3:40 pm

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