Linda MacHugh

Linda MacHugh

Company: Department for Infrastructure

Job title: Director of water & drainage policy division


Linda is the Director of Water and Drainage Policy Division in the Department for Infrastructure. She is responsible for the development and maintenance of the policy and regulatory environment to provide a modern, high quality water and sewerage service, at the lowest possible cost. She is also responsible for advising Ministers on policy in relation to the water and sewerage industry and flooding. Linda joined the Senior Civil Service in 2004 after a career in the textiles and clothing industry. She has held a number of Civil Service posts including Director of Urban Regeneration Strategy, Director of Local Government Reform and Principal Private Secretary to the First Minister. She is a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin and a post-graduate of the University of Ulster.


Panel discussion: understanding the value people put on water 10:40 am

What value do people put on water? Are customers willing to pay for water? Educating the public on the differences they can make Pushing the environmental agenda in collaboration with money saving techniques Is the current funding model sustainable? What can be done? How has Scotland dealt with similar challenges? Session speakers to be joined…Read more

day: 3 November 2020