Amiblu is a 50:50 joint venture whose goal is to develop and deliver world-class GRP pipes and fittings to sustainably solve the world’s water and sewer challenges. Amiblu combines Amiantit Europe and its Flowtite Technology, and Hobas Europe, part of WIG Wietersdorfer Holding, and is the specialist in drinking water, irrigation, storm- and wastewater, hydropower and industry.

For more information, please visit: www.amiblu.com

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The AVK Group is one of the leading manufacturers of valves and fittings within the water, gas, waste water, industrial and fire protection industries worldwide and has 100+ companies globally. Our UK based factories manufacture a large range of valves, hydrants, pipe fittings and accessories, each complying with the highest standards of performance, safety and durability. Our valves and fittings are supplemented by an extensive range of products manufactured in other AVK companies located around the world as well as from a few key strategic supply partners. All products designed and manufactured by AVK UK exceed British Standard requirements.

For more information, please visit: www.avkuk.co.uk

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AQS Environmental Solutions is one of the largest providers of drainage, industrial cleaning, and waste management and processing services in Ireland. The company is based in the former Galmoy mines, near Johnstown, Galmoy Co. Kilkenny, and delivers a wide range of specialised services to local authorities, private industry and residential customers across Ireland. Since December 2015, it has been part of Lanes Group plc, the UK’s largest independent supplier of specialist drainage and structure maintenance solutions. Our continuous investment in technology and people means we have the best equipment and most highly skilled workforce of any company in our sector that specializes in sewer drain cleaning and environmental waste solutions.

For more information, please visit: www.aqsenvironmentalsolutions.ie


Concrete structures at waste water treatment plants face a variety of operational and environmental demands. BASF have a range of products developed to meet the demands of waste water applications. Chemical resistance is a major factor in combating biogenic sulphuric acid attack, combined with resistance to the effects of fatty acids for long term durability. Rapid setting concrete repair mortars complaint to EN 1504 part 3 ensure repairs can be overcoated with minimal delay, using a range of hand and spay applied polyurethane and polyurea systems to offer long term chemical resistance.

For more information, please visit: www.basf.com

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Concrete Canvas® is part of a revolutionary new class of construction materials called Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats (GCCMs). It is a flexible, concrete impregnated fabric that hardens on hydration to form a thin, durable, water proof and fire resistant concrete layer.
Essentially, it’s concrete on a roll.

For more information, please visit: www.concretecanvas.com


EJ design and manufacture an extensive range of access solutions in ductile iron, galvanised steel, and composite in our world class production facilities, certified to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 management systems. Our products are used on water, sewer, drainage, telecommunications and utility networks worldwide. In the procurement process the selection of manhole covers and drainage gratings is hugely significant. It is important to remember that for these safety critical products there is a responsibility to ensure product is fit for purpose and to minimise the risk to public safety.
Contact EJ on 057 9123100 to request a Lunch & Learn seminar on product specification, new technologies for access covers and the revised EN 124:2015 standard.

For more information, please visit: www.ejco.com/ie

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Our purpose is to help our clients run clean, safe, compliant and efficient operations, while minimising their environmental impact. We do that by aligning all that’s required to deliver outstanding hazardous waste solutions and expert, tailored water services – a highly capable team with deep technical knowledge, multiple licensed facilities, an extensive fleet and advanced equipment, and a capability to successfully recover the majority of the waste resources we collect.

For more information, please visit: www.enva.com


Our business is built on the belief that knowing where things happen matters.  Esri Ireland specialises in the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), helping customers record where things happen and analyse why, providing insight to enable better decisions. We do this using ArcGIS, the world’s most powerful mapping and spatial analytics software. Esri’s ArcGIS technology can help answer questions and solve problems by looking at your data in a way that is quickly understood and easily shared—on a map!  With ArcGIS you get a set of maps, apps and services that support the needs of Water Utilities and its contractors. Irish Water, Northern Ireland Water and many of their contractors are using the ArcGIS Platform to support their day to day operations.

For more information, please visit: www.esri-ireland.ie


Evergreen Water Solutions are a leading supplier of progressive wastewater treatment systems, using innovative products and suppliers to source, design and implement leading environmental water and wastewater treatment products and solutions. We work closely with a number of international engineering companies with expertise in scalable wastewater treatment systems and containerised wastewater treatment systems for municipal and industrial application. We offer a comprehensive engineering service; our company incorporates initial design and planning to implementation of projects that are delivered on time and on budget. Our expertise in wastewater treatment covers infrastructure development, package sewage treatment systems and advanced treatment technology for wastewater recycling with the strictest treatment requirements.

For more information, please visit: www.evergreenengineering.ie

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EXPO-NET Danmark A/s is a leading manufacturer of plastic wastewater filter media. Our Danish manufacturing base has over 50 years of manufacturing experience backed by engineering, design and technical expertise.  Our patented BIO-BLOK® product range is recognised worldwide for use in the biological treatment of wastewater. BIO-BLOK® is widely used across a broad spectrum of applications including aerobic, submerged filters, trickling filters, anaerobic  filters and biological lamella sedimentation. The unique structure of BIO-BLOK® with its rough surface and cylindrical shape maximises accessible surface area, offering an extremely efficient, stable and reliable media, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. In Ireland we work in conjunction with strategic partners  - Viltra Wastewater Technology and AL-2 Teknik (UK) Ltd.  who specialise in providing advanced wastewater treatment solutions. To learn more about our products and services, discuss specific projects or to arrange a site visit please visit our stand.

For more information, please visit: www.expo-net.com


FLI Global companies, FLI Water and FLI Carlow work closely serving the water sector:
FLI Water are a process solutions and MEICA engineering services company, delivering on capital and operational frameworks, often undertaking the CDM Principal Designer/Contractor roles.  We have full engineering design, project management, fabrication and site services capabilities, bringing innovation as a leader in fixed film and filtration technologies.  Recent success HiSA MBBR with >4,500m2/m3 SSA delivering smaller footprints & build-offsite options.
FLI Carlow are at the forefront of large offsite fabrication technology, providing design and engineering services for the off-site manufacture of specialist concrete infrastructure and attenuation systems. By early collaboration with clients engineering teams, Carlow can accelerate and deliver optimised designs, for off-site fabrication leading to higher efficiencies with lower risks and solution costs.

For more information, please visit: www.fliwater.com

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Hach® part of our Parent company Danaher are a fortune 200 company who have been involved in water analysis solutions for over 80 years. Hach have many market leading brands built into our business portfolio which we would love for you to come and explore at our stand. Brands such as Hach, Anatel, Orbisphere, Met One, Polymetron and BioTector can be discussed with one of our water solution experts. Latest innovations such as Claros bring data to the palm of your hands anywhere anytime. Live demos will be shown through the day.

For more information, please visit: uk.hach.com

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Inova Gates Limited design, manufacture and install high quality automatic cantilevered sliding gates, electric gates and security gates in the UK & Ireland. We have 30+ years of experience and 100s of installations carried out across all sectors. We are fully compliant to BS EN safety regulations BS EN13241-1. We are a family-owned company with big clients. Inova has succeeded by equally focusing on traditional business values and cutting edge technology. Our account management approach and attention to detail has enabled us to build an ever-growing portfolio of blue chip clients such as National Grid, ESB, Royal Mail, Siemens, South West Water, Rivers Agency, An Post to name but a few. We work to the highest standards and offer bespoke high security gate options. All our sliding gates are manufactured at Berlemann Torbau GmbH in Germany. Inova Gates Limited are the sole agents for these world renowned gates systems, we are based in Northern Ireland and service the whole of the UK & Ireland.

For more information, please visit: www.inovagates.com

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Jacopa’s portfolio includes many of the most respected wastewater treatment brands including Copa, Aquator, Tomkinson, Jones + Attwood and MBR Technology. Jacopa also holds UK and Ireland licences for the renowned Brackett Green and Bosker brands and recently reached a landmark agreement with Steinhardt as the sole agent for its networks and treatment control, protection and maintenance products. The company also has an exclusive agreement for the supply of Fluidyne cloth filters which are recognised internationally as an ideal solution for phosphorus removal in wastewater treatment works with a trial unit available to evaluate the technology. A further addition to the company’s portfolio is the well established Sobye self-cleaning belt filter which provides an automatic, compact solution for primary treatment to replace settlement tanks.

For more information, please visit: www.jacopa.com


Nivus develop, produce and supply measurement equipment for the water industry. For more than 45 years it has worked on the field of flow measurement and are one of the technology leaders in this sector worldwide. Nivus product portfolio includes exact flow measurement systems, flow velocity detection, level measurement, pressure measurement and measurement of water quality. Nivus also offers software for data acquisition, logging and analysis of measurement results. A comprehensive process control system completes its program. Nivus’ principal office is in Eppingen, Germany. It has 7 international settlements and operates with 40 distributors worldwide.

For more information, please visit: www.nivus.com/en


Proflo was established in 2007 with a view to becoming a market leader in the importation and distribution of polyethylene, ductile iron and pvc pipe systems. We are based in Rathcoole Co Dublin over a three acre site with 25,000 sf of warehouse and 3500 sf of offices. Our vast range of products and large levels of stock allow us to service ten sectors of the construction industry throughout the 26 counties with ease. We are proud to be supply chain partners with quality and prestigious companies such as AVK, Wrekin, Fusion, Romacon, Talis, Elster, Hegawa, Centriforce, Honeywell, Cubis and FT Ductile. Our commitment to quality, service and attention to detail coupled with being an fully ISO approved company make us stand out from the competition. Our motto “right first time, every time” sums up just who we are. Contact us at sales@proflo.ie or 01 2570388 for more details.

For more information, please visit: www.proflo.ie


Rotork is the market leading actuator manufacturer and flow control company that operates in any market where the flow of gases or liquids needs to be controlled. It has established manufacturing facilities, a global network of local offices and agents who can truly provide a worldwide service. You will be able to locally source Rotork's products, supported by life-of-plant maintenance, repair and upgrade services.

For more information, please visit: www.rotork.com


Sarco Stopper has a worldwide reputation for innovative line stopping & bypass solutions.  Producing under pressure stopper bags for over 40 years, including the only Kite­mark GIS/E4 Gas Bag in the world to suit Ferrous & PE Pipelines.  Sarco has also pro­duced and pioneered the Hydro Stopper Bags to deploy with the award win­ning WASK Aquastop and Hydrant Wizard pipeline isolation equipment for water mains.  Being quality manufacturers since 1877 and now incorporating the Thomas Bugden Denmar brand established 1856, this private family owned business is audited by BSI twice a year to cover the company’s dedication to its quality policy that will ensure that its products and services fully meet the requirements of its customers at all times.

For more information, please visit: sarcostopper.com


We are truly the only company in the world with the expertise and experience to specialise in total biogas and liquid storage engineering solutions. You may think we are simply tank suppliers, we are so much more – we design and engineer bespoke, fully integrated solutions for the water, wastewater and biogas industries. Our approach is one of collaboration, to fully understand and work with your process and project optimisation. We save you time, money and deliver confidence from  concept, installation, delivery and maintenance, to secure future long life asset value.

For more information, please visit: www.stortec.co.uk


With a history spanning more than 100 years, Xylem is a force to be reckoned with when providing total solutions for fluid handling and control. Its market leading brands include Flygt, Godwin, Lowara, Sanitaire, Wedeco, offering the industry’s broadest range of submersible and diesel-driven pumps and extensive clean water and treatment capabilities. In addition, Xylem’s Advanced Infrastructure Analytics brands Pure Technologies, Emnet, Sensus and Visenti, provide software and data analytics-enabled solutions which deliver real-time intelligence. Xylem’s passion for innovation and powerful combination of products, services and applications expertise serves market sectors including Public Utilities, Infrastructure, Municipal, Building Services and Industry.

For more information, please visit: www.xylem.com/ie