Mark England

Mark England

Company: Xylem Inc

Job title: VP innovation and technology


Mark holds a master’s degree and PhD in physics from Cambridge University (UK).  He spent his early career working as an academic on areas including electron beam lithography, Monte Carlo modelling and millimeter-wave IC’s, before switching to the private sector as a technology consultant.  He was employee #3 at Sentec Ltd, a self-funded start-up company in Cambridge established to bridge the gap between disruptive new technologies and commercialisation at scale.  Sentec itself set up six angel/VC-funded spinout companies and licensed out a number of sensing technologies that it developed, including the measurement technologies behind Sensus’ iPERL residential water meter and Sensus’ Stratus IQ electricity meter.  Sentec Ltd was acquired by Sensus in 2015, which was itself acquired by Xylem in 2016, and in 2019 Mark was appointed as VP Innovation & Technology at Xylem.  In addition to the Sentec team, his responsibilities include Xylem Innovation Labs, a team for engagement with start-ups and third parties to incubate and accelerate water-specific technologies, and a Systems Intelligence team focused on connecting customers devices and systems to Xylem’s digital solutions.


Making the leap to “Business as Usual” 11:30 am

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