1Spatial is a software solutions provider and global leader in managing geospatial data. We work with our clients to deliver real value by making data current, complete and consistent through the use of automated processes - ensuring that decisions are always based on the highest quality information available. Our unique, rules-based approach delivers enterprise-scale, cross-platform, automation to all stages of the data lifecycle. It builds confidence in the data while reducing the time and cost of stewardship. Our global clients include utility and telecommunications businesses, national mapping and land management agencies, government departments, emergency services, defence, census bureaus and transportation organisations.

For more information, please visit: www.1spatial.com


Grundfos Pumps Ltd are a UK leader in the supply of pumps and pump systems for domestic, commercial building services and process industry applications.  Additionally, they supply a broad range of equipment and solutions designed specifically for water utility applications. They sit at the forefront in promoting and facilitating energy efficiency and sustainable technology, thus ensuring that water supply and wastewater facilities meet future challenges and regulations.  The Grundfos Group employs 19,000 people in 83 companies worldwide. Founded in Denmark in 1945, the Group now has an annual turnover of £3 billion+ and produces 17 million pumps per year.

For more information, please visit: www.grundfos.com


GUTERMANN specialise in the design, manufacturing and distribution of water leak detection equipment. Constantly focussing on innovation, and often at the forefront of new product developments, we are always pushing the boundaries of water leak management technology. Thanks to our tireless commitment to product quality, functionality and user-friendliness, GUTERMANN has become a synonym for precision, consistency and reliability in leak detection technology worldwide.

For more information, please visit: www.gutermann-water.com


HACH is an expert in water analysis. It supplies practical solutions and the latest technology for wastewater, surface water, groundwater, drinking water and process water analysis. It provides sales, technical support and innovative made-to-measure analysis all from a single source. HACH incorporates many market-leading and innovative brands in its group. Brands like HACH, LANGE, Radiometer, Anatel, HIAC, ORBISPHERE, Met One, POLYMETRON and BIOTECTOR. Customers can benefit from the greatest choice of market-leading instruments. HACH’s trained specialists also listen to your needs and look for the best sustainable solution; helping customers to continuously meet consent limits, whilst controlling and optimising processes.

For more information, please visit: uk.hach.com

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Metasphere are global specialists in Water and waste water utility network monitoring and control solutions. Metasphere have been providing Telemetry products and services to the industry for over 30 years and are considered a leading provider in the market with a focus on Quality and innovation.

For more information, please visit: www.metasphere.co.uk


Nivus develop, produce and supply measurement equipment for the water industry. For more than 45 years it has worked on the field of flow measurement and are one of the technology leaders in this sector worldwide. Nivus product portfolio includes exact flow measurement systems, flow velocity detection, level measurement, pressure measurement and measurement of water quality. Nivus also offer software for data acquisition, logging and analysis of measurement results. A comprehensive process control system completes our program. Nivus principal office is in Eppingen, Germany. We have 7 international settlements and we are operate with 40 distributors worldwide.

For more information, please visit: www.nivus.com/en


Primayer is a leading provider of technology for the water industry. It utilises innovative technologies to form an integrated approach to water system management. One of the largest problems facing the world today is the growing demand for clean, safe water. Primayer is rising to meet this challenge, through network monitoring, data acquisition for distribution and waste water networks, survey flowmeters and a wide range of sensors. It also specialises in data delivery: via 3G / GPRS / SMS; cloud-based data processing and alarm options; leakage detection: step testing via live data streaming; survey and remote acoustic noise logging; leak location; remote correlation technology and on-site correlation and leak listening.

For more information, please visit: www.primayer.com


Royal HaskoningDHV provides world-class smart solutions for the entire manmade water cycle. It has been connecting people for 135 years. Through expertise and passion, it has helped contribute to a better society and improved people’s lives with work underpinned by sustainable values and goals. Its Aquasuite® smart water platform is a complete software solution for smart monitoring and overall optimised control of the entire manmade water cycle. It uses machine learning and big data to optimise existing control systems to minimise pressure, maximise asset life and reduce leakage, burst frequency, energy consumption and pollution incidents.

Fore more information, please visit: www.royalhaskoningdhv.com


Advanced Energy Monitoring Systems (AEMS)Ltd now a part of Secure Meters (UK)Ltd provides equipment and consultancy services for those wishing to monitor plant and processes, that fall under the EED (Energy Efficiency Directive) of the EU; already passed into UK Law as the ESOS (Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme). Secure Meters (UK)Ltd equipment, Censeo, based on Patented thermodynamic /conventional technology , can monitor pumps, blowers and Turbines and can be provided in both Portable and Fixed formats for audits and to identify energy savings. Software to report on pump/blower efficiency and condition performance, in real time, is available.

For more information, please visit: www.securetogether.com