Find out all about our digital events platform...Hopin!

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How does it work?

As an attendee, you’ll be able to move in and out of rooms just like an in-person event and enjoy the content and connections throughout. The Hopin platform includes a main stage, sessions, exhibition, networking opportunities and more!

RECEPTION – view the schedule and plan to make the most of your day
LIVE CHAT – introduce yourself, comment, ask questions, contribute to polls and make connections with other delegates 
EVENT STAGE – where the action happens and you can hear top content from industry leaders
NETWORKING – meet fellow delegates face-to-face for up to 3 minutes. Click connect to share details and build your relationship offline
EXHIBITION BOOTHS – meet the event partners and leading technical experts in a dedicated area
EVENT SESSIONS - a chance to break up into different rooms for discussion time as part of a more intimate group
CONTENT ON-DEMAND – post-event, you will receive a link to re-live the highlights of the conference time and time again 

The areas of Hopin


Upon entering Hopin and joining the event, you will land in the Reception area. You can think of the reception area as the homepage, it’s the information hub. Here you will find a complete overview of the schedule and you can follow what is currently happening and what’s to come.


The stage is where all the main talks will be taking place – if you check the schedule on the reception page it will tell you what time the stage is ‘live’.


Sessions are where any breakout sessions are located, if any. When you click into a session there is the option to ‘share audio and video’ which will turn your camera and audio on and you can participate in the session, alternatively you can watch what is happening on screen. Each session will have its own chat, so you can interact with other participants and ask questions to the speaker.


In networking, you can participate in 1:2:1 meetings – almost like speed dating. You will have up to 3 minutes to network with an attendee before being connected with another attendee at random. Just click ‘Ready’ to start networking. At the end of the 3 minutes a box will appear where you can ‘connect’ with them and if the feeling is mutual, share contact details. You can find the contacts you’ve made on your Hopin profile, under the ‘Connections’ tab. You can also select 'Unmatch' to lose the connection.

Event booths

In event booths you can interact and meet our exhibitors in the same way you would at a face-to-face event. You can click inside a booth to find out more information about the exhibitor and share your interest to receive emails from them. You can also speak to the exhibitor face to face by clicking ‘share audio and video’, or you may see a pre-recorded video from that you can watch at any time.

Don’t forget to navigate to the ‘booth chat’ where you can ask a question to the booth organiser. Please do interact with our exhibitors as they have some interesting products and information to share with you.